Errors, errors, and errors.

Before reading, please know that this article is mainly for programmers beginning their career. If you are not a software engineer and still want to read, you are most welcome :)

Are you fed up with errors while programming? Then it would help if you continued reading the article.

Young programmers are fed up with errors. My friend was fed up with the errors when he started programming web applications. Be it vanilla Javascript, React.js, or Next.js, he was fed up completely. He wanted a perfect and pure code that never gave an error and would work on the first try (trust me, this is a rare case). A time came when he decided to leave programming just because he couldn’t handle the number of errors. Well, this was a short example of what I will be discussing ahead.

Whenever we get an error while creating a software, we look up the internet. Usually, we end up on StackOverflow or a Youtube video explaining a “concept” relating to that error. The lack of knowledge about the concept or a silly mistake might have lead to that particular error in the first place. Now, when you get that error, and you surf the internet, you learn about that concept relating to that error. This concept might be new for you, which means you understood a new concept! This is an advantage of receiving an error. You learn a lot more concepts when you receive an error.

When you get an error, you might patiently research more about the error and the theory relating to that error, or you might throw your computer out of the window (the first option is advantageous, don’t try the second option). Did you gain any skill?

Yes! Patience!

Your level of patience will increase when you try solving an error for a long time.

When you solve a new error you received, you now know about that error and will be able to solve or guide others through that error. Did you gain any skill?

Yes! Experience!

Your experience will increase when you solve these kinds of errors.

This is it? No! Errors might have tons of other advantages except for just breaking the software.

Well, these are the three most huge advantages I recognized from my personal experience. These points are my subjective opinion, and you might have a different perspective, which is fine :)

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